Announcing the instaFizz Stainless-Steel Sparkling Beverage Bottle

Drinkmate has chosen the 2020 Inspired Home Show to introduce its latest sparkling beverage innovation. The stainless-steel Drinkmate instaFizz will formally debut at the Chicago tradeshow this March 14–17. The portable, reusable sparkling beverage bottle is designed to help individuals stay hydrated on the go while adding fizz to their drink of choice.

InstaFizz has the ability to function as a traditional personal water bottle with a built-in carry ring that allows it to be taken anywhere. And it holds 18.6 ounces, almost two ounces more than the typical plastic water bottle.

Unlike a traditional reusable water bottle, however, it features a carbonation system that enables users to add the excitement of fizz in just seconds to their hydration of choice. To accomplish this, a 8g CO2 charger is inserted in the bottom of the instaFizz bottle. When the bottle’s bottom cap is spun, voila: refreshing carbonated water instantly. And like other Drinkmate products, instaFizz can carbonate almost any cold beverage.

Another feature is stainless-steel construction that makes the instaFizz highly durable, eco-friendly and a healthier option compared to plastic bottles. And for those who like their still and sparkling water icy cold or fruity flavored, the Drinkmate instaFizz has a wide 1.5-inch bottle opening to allow ice, strawberries, lemon, etc. to be added with ease. More details will be announced soon.

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