Drinkmate Teams Up with Johnnie Walker Again!

Drinkmate Teams Up with Johnnie Walker Again!

Drinkmate Teams Up with Johnnie Walker for 2022 World Class Global Bartender Finals

Beverage Carbonation System Used to Create Sustainable Cocktails

Ann Arbor, MI – September 2022 – Drinkmate today announced that they have been selected for the second consecutive year for inclusion in the Johnnie Walker Challenge in the 2022 World Class Global Finals for bartenders, which will be held September 12-15, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  The 2022 global finals will feature a week-long World Class Cocktail Festival in celebration of the best of cocktail culture.

Sponsored by Johnnie Walker’s parent firm Diageo plc, The World Class Bartender of the Year Competition is the world’s biggest and most respected bartending competition. The winning Bartender of The Year from each country will compete in a series of challenges to experiment with flavor, balance and creativity across the whisky portfolio. One round will feature candidates challenged to create a Johnnie Walker signature cocktail serve, the Highball, but with a sustainable twist – a process, ingredient or technique that promotes minimum waste.

Drinkmate’s OmniFizz beverage carbonator will be used by competitors as they showcase their ability to craft sustainable cocktails. The OmniFizz carbonator is able to carbonate any liquid, in this case, cocktails, without dilution. Using its patented Fizz Infuser, the OmniFizz eliminates the need for standard sparkling water or sodas, which dilute the drink and reduce carbonation during mixing, and decreases plastic bottle waste.

“We are proud to be teaming up with Johnnie Walker for the second year for the World Class Bartender of the Year Competition,” said Douglas Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Drinkmate. “With the addition of the sustainable twist in this year’s criteria, using the Drinkmate OmniFizz is the perfect way for bartenders to showcase their ability to craft creative cocktails while also decreasing plastic bottle waste. We look forward to this year’s competition and are excited to see the bartenders battle it out for this year’s title.” 

About Drinkmate

Drinkmate’s mission is to allow consumers to get creative in discovering new beverages, drink healthier and have fun, while reducing plastic bottle waste.  Its proprietary technology allows the consumer to carbonate any kind of beverage safely and quickly.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company serves as the global headquarters for the Drinkmate brand with operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. For more information, please visit https://idrinkproducts.com/.

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