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The most convenient way to exchange CO2 is with our online CO2 Exchange

But, we do have a few retail locations listed below if this is more convenient:

Canada Retail Locations                  

Authorized Drinkmate retailers are listed below. We suggest calling ahead to make sure they have the item in stock that you want. Drinkmate is expanding rapidly, so keep checking back here to see new stores added. Or ask your favorite store to contact us.


Icy Mountain Water Co. 1001 Foundry St. Medicine Hat, AB T1A1X6

(403) 526-3806


Cookery 303 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, ON M6P2A2

(647) 478-3873

Fizzy Delivery    www.fizzydelivery.ca

Email support@fizzydelivery.ca or call (416) 432-1932


Lean Supply Solutions (Drinkmate Canada main warehouse) Pick-up orders and exchange empty cylinders from our warehouse--just be sure you place your order on our website in advance, they cannot process your order upon arrival. If you have any questions, contact us drinkmate-canada@idrinkproducts.com

80 Ormont Dr. North York, ON M9L1N7

(416) 748-8982

SodaSave 1223 Savannah Dr. London, ON N5X4P2

(519) 488-5496


    Seamless Soda 2301 Ave C North, Unit 101B, Saskatoon, SK

    (306) 400-6445

    Wine Kitz West 116 Avenue B North, Saskatoon, SK

    (306) 665-1914

    Wine Kitz North East 415 115th St. E, Saskatoon, SK

    (306) 955-7999

    Purified Water Store 2901 2 Ave W, Prince Albert, SK

    (306) 763-3908   

    RJs Ice & Water 21680 McAra St, Regina, SK

    (306) 352-4747


    Distribution SodaFizz Inc. 972 Rue Bergar Laval, Lachine, QC H7L 5A1

    (833) 311-3499

    Kitchen's Choice  6300 Rte Transcanadienne  St-Laurent, QC H4T1X9

    (514) 900-9000

    Loyalty Source 8010 Devonshire  Mount-Royal, QC  H4P2K3

    (514) 664-5304

    Questions? Send us an email: drinkmate-canada@idrinkproducts.com