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Authorized Drinkmate retailers are listed below. We suggest calling ahead to make sure they have the item in stock that you want. Drinkmate is expanding rapidly, so keep checking back here to see new stores added. Or ask your favorite store to contact us.


  • Montreal
Kitchen's Choice (514) 900-9000
2355A Rte. Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada H9R 5Z5


Buy CO2 Carbonators

Drinkmate machines are compatible with all standard 60L (14.5oz) and/or 10L (3 oz) CO2 carbonators. There are three options to obtain CO2 cylinders:

  1. Bring your empty cylinder/s to any participating retail location. The store will exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, for only the price of the gas.
  2. You can buy full 10L cylinders here at the Drinkmate online store.
    • You can use SodaStream or other standard 60L cylinders in Drinkmate machines.