The Sparkliest Water for a Refreshing Summer

The Sparkliest Water for a Refreshing Summer

Love carbonated drinks on a warm day?

Want to cut back on sugar?

Looking to enjoy drinks with the perfect level of carbonation?

Traditional carbonated drinks like sodas and flavored sparkling water contain a lot of added sugar and chemicals. On a hot day, that could make you feel sluggish and tired. These drinks come in cans and single use plastic bottles that are wasteful and often aren’t recycled properly.

Drinkmate is here to make your summer sparkly and refreshing without waste or guilt! Drinks you make with our sparkling water machine have many advantages over other carbonated drinks.

Sugar Free ‒ You can still enjoy a bubbly drink without all the sugar. Turn plain water to sparkling wonderfulness with Drinkmate. For added flavor, add fruit to your sparkling water!

No Waste ‒ Drinkmate drinks can be enjoyed in the same reusable bottle they were carbonated in, or you can pour them into any glass or personal water bottle. Nothing goes to waste with Drinkmate, not even the CO2 cylinders. With our CO2 exchange system, send us your empty cylinders and you’ll get a Drinkmate credit.

Adjustable Carbonation ‒ Some drinks are either too flat or way too fizzy. With Drinkmate, you’re in charge of the carbonation. Choose how fizzy you want your drinks and even re-carbonate flat drinks.

Portable ‒ Carbonate drinks anywhere with the Drinkmate instaFizz water bottle. It’s a stainless-steel bottle and soda water maker in one! Bring your favorite fizzy drinks to soccer games, vacations, parades, cookouts and more.

Carbonate Anything ‒ Just like making popsicles, creating your own carbonated drinks is summer fun! You can use more than water too. Drinkmate’s sparkling water machine can turn any cold drink into a sparkling one! This includes juice, cold tea or coffee, wine, cocktails and more. Get creative and experiment with some of the recipes on our website.

Enjoy summer with Drinkmate!

Spending summer with a fizzy drink in hand? Make it Drinkmate!

Drinkmate offers some of the best at home soda water makers worldwide. Our proprietary Fizz Infuser technology gives you the freedom to carbonate almost any beverage. Not only water, but juices, cold tea or coffee, wine, cocktails, and more. Whether you want to create healthy sparkling drinks or craft cocktails, we’ve got you covered. Our products are sold in Canada, UK, Taiwan, and Japan. Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we have a two-year warranty for consumers and a one-year warranty for commercial users.

Add more sparkle to your Independence Day and order a Drinkmate sparkling water machine today!

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