Got Carbonated Water? We Do!

Got Carbonated Water? We Do!

At Drinkmate, our carbonated water makers are a great healthy alternative to soda and other beverages that are high in sugar and other additives. 

Experience the Difference!

Plain water can be tasteless and flat. Sparkling beverages create a refreshing twist to your favorite beverages. With Drinkmate you can carbonate pretty much anything your heart desires … juice, coffee, wine and more! The possibilities are endless!

Stay Hydrated!

Do you fail to drink the proper amount of water every day (8 glasses)? Are you addicted to sugary beverages? Carbonated water may help trick your brain and tongue into thinking you’re actually drinking soda instead of water. As a result, you’ll be on your way to healthier living by drinking more water.

Sparkle Anywhere! On the go!

The convenience of taking sparkling water with you wherever you go has never been easier with the Drinkmate instaFizz! It will make the perfect gift this holiday season for the hunter, camper, exercise enthusiast, or the health nut on your Christmas shopping list.

Add Sparkle to Your Life with the Drinkmate!

Add a little sparkle to your life with Drinkmate! 

Browse some fantastic recipes and imagine yourself sipping one made from the best soda maker around. 

Enhance the way you drink water with the Drinkmate instaFizz carbonated water maker! Or order our Drinkmate countertop! Available in a variety of stylish colors and kits to suit your needs. 

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