Best Soda Maker for Your Fizzy Drinks!

Best Soda Maker for Your Fizzy Drinks!

Can’t get enough of fizzy drinks?

Tired of spending an arm and a leg at the store to stay stocked up on your favorite beverage?

Did you know there’s a convenient way to make fizzy drinks right at home?

If you’re anything like us at Drinkmate, we love carbonated beverages, but knew we needed to do something about the amount of plastic and aluminum waste we were taking to recycle. The solution? Creating the Drinkmate soda maker and our patented Fizz Infuser!

Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any beverage! You name it! Juice, coffee, tea, flat beer, soda, even liquor! Your taste buds will welcome the refreshing taste and bubbles with the convenience of a push of a button.

“I drink a lot of seltzer water, and it is LOVELY to have seltzer on demand.”

Jessica K., Verified Buyer

“Where has this been my whole life? Finally, hydration tastes good!”

William L., Verified Buyer

“I just love this, finally a machine that lets you carbonate wine, while other soda makers would blow off, not safe. This machine has 2 valves to let out the extra bubbles.”

Carol M., Verified Buyer

Never Run Out of Bubbles Again!

Drinkmate cylinders come filled with food grade CO2. They are made of durable aluminum to US DOT standards. Keep at least 3 cylinders on hand so you don't run out. 

Did You Know…We’ll Pay You for Empty Cylinders?

Don’t throw your empties away! We clean, inspect, refill, and reuse them. We automatically include a prepaid return label with all new CO2 pack orders. Just reuse the shipping box, and apply the provided return label to exchange your old cylinders. Learn more about our CO2 exchange here.

Start Changing the Way You Think About Drinking Water!

It doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. You can make anything fizzy with the Drinkmate soda maker!

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